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Three more women have joined a Title IX lawsuit filed earlier this month against Baylor, joining three other women in the complaint, including one who named a football player as her alleged assailant.The lawsuit was originally filed June 15 and referred to three women as Jane Does. Tuesdays amendment adds three more women, also anonymous. None of the alleged assailants are named, and attorney Chad Dunn said that the three new plaintiffs were not assaulted by football players, although he said that one alleged assailant could be an athlete.Weve heard from others, and as we visit with them about their situations I anticipate well add more plaintiffs to the lawsuit, Dunn said.Three Title IX lawsuits are currently pending against Baylor. The first was filed in March by former Baylor student Jasmin Hernandez, who was raped by former Baylor defensive end Tevin Elliott, convicted in January 2014 of the assault. Hernandez, who came out publicly with the filing of her lawsuit, met recently with Baylor officials to try to mediate the case, and that mediation failed.The most recent lawsuit was filed June 20 by a woman, also unidentified, who said she was drugged and taken from an off-campus residence known as The Rugby House and assaulted in February 2015, although not by a member of Baylors rugby club team.The lawsuits and plaintiffs are different, but the overall claim is the same: Baylor University officials failed to properly investigate their claims of sexual assault and failed to provide them with academic and counseling support.Due to the deeply personal and sensitive nature of individual cases and federal law, we do not publicly address specific cases, even when a student publicly shares details or reports of his or her own experience, Baylor said in a statement released at the time of the June 15 lawsuit filing. This safeguard also helps assure other students that their right to confidentiality will be protected. The decision to report to the university or other authorities is a brave and personal choice and occurs on the students timetable. Were committed to and have already begun to implement changes in order to provide a safe and supportive environment for students and faculty.Baylor has been at the center of nationwide attention over its handling of sexual assault allegations and investigations, including several that have involved athletes. In recent weeks, Baylor has dealt with the fallout from that negative attention: the demotion and then resignation of former university president and chancellor Kenneth Starr; the pending firing of football coach Art Briles; the suspension and then resignation of athletic director Ian McCaw; and the firings of multiple athletic department employees. At least one lawsuit has been filed, and a complaint about school officials handling of sexual assault cases has been made to the U.S. Department of Education.Despite being a private school, Baylor is required by the federal Title IX statute to investigate allegations of sexual assault and violence thoroughly and to provide security, counseling services and academic help to those who report assaults. Part of the laws goal is to help keep victims in school.According to the amendment filed Tuesday, Jane Doe 4 was a pre-med student and was sexually assaulted by another student on April 7, 2014. She reported the assault to someone at the Baylor counseling center, to judicial affairs and unspecified faulty members, but she said no one ever started an investigation or informed her of her rights, according to the lawsuit. Oftentimes the Baylor personnel would discourage Jane Doe 4 from describing what had happened to her, the lawsuit states.The lawsuit also stated that a few days after the assault, she attempted suicide by slitting her wrists, and that prevented her from playing volleyball for some time. But Dunn would not say whether she was a member of Baylors volleyball team.Jane Doe 4 would run into the alleged assailant on campus, causing her to run into a neighboring bathroom and vomit, and she was hospitalized for a panic attack. The lawsuit states that she had to seek counseling elsewhere, her academics suffered and she graduated in May 2015 with a much lower GPA than she had anticipated.Jane Doe 5 reported being assaulted by a fellow student, with whom she had recently ended a relationship, in November 2005. She said she reported it to the counseling center and was discouraged from making any sort of formal report, according to the lawsuit.She heard her assailant might have assaulted other women, and in February 2006 tried to make a report with Waco police, the lawsuit states, but was told that too much time had passed to start an investigation.She indicated the emotional impact of the assault caused her grades to slip, she lost her financial aid and she ended up leaving Baylor and enrolling instead at the University of Texas-Arlington in fall 2008.The last plaintiff, Jane Doe 6, also reported an assault from 2005, and said she was drugged at a bar and then assaulted by a fellow student. The lawsuit states she reported the incident to a professor, who let her re-take an exam, and she reported the incident to Baylor police, but they refused to take a report.The alleged assault had a significant impact on her physical and emotional well-being, and the lawsuit states that, In June 2013, Jane Doe 6 sent a letter to the University President regarding the mistreatment of her sexual assault report, but no response was ever received.Dunn did not say whether the letter was sent directly to Starr, but he said the woman still has a copy of the letter.Dunn said the lawsuit did not name anyone individually in order to protect privacy and out of concern for retaliation and harassment against the parties involved.This lawsuit isnt about punishing anyone, he said. This lawsuit is about improving the lives for these specific plaintiffs. To the extent that we can persuade the university to take important steps to protect sexual assault victims that benefit not just these plaintiffs but other student at the university today and down the road.Among the three women who originally filed the June 15 lawsuit was Jane Doe 1, who claimed that she was assaulted at an on-campus residence hall April 26, 2014, by a member of the football team.The lawsuit stated that Jane Doe 1 also reported the alleged assault to the Baylor campus advocacy center during final exams, but the university did not provide her any assistance, and she was left to cope with the situation alone and in fear. It states that she would see her alleged assailant at football games, would become upset and would be forced to leave. Stress caused her to perform poorly in her classes, the suit says, and she lost her academic scholarship and dropped out after fall 2015.The incident involving Jane Doe 2, one of the original plaintiffs, alleges an assault from 2004 that had bearing on the plaintiffs attempt to re-enroll at Baylor in 2015. Jane Doe 2 says she was assaulted at a house a few blocks from campus in September 2004, while she was under age 18, according to the lawsuit. She reported it to her chaplain at the Baylor dorm, and the dorm hall director was informed. She also made a report to Baylor police, who she states misinformed and concealed from her the consequences for filing a report, which discouraged her from naming the person who she said assaulted her. When she went to the Baylor Health Center, she said they did a physical exam but not a rape kit.After her alleged assailant sneaked up behind her on campus and she ran into the office of a nearby professor, she ended up reporting the incident to an assistant dean, who later encouraged her to withdraw from school after her grades began to suffer, the lawsuit states. She left in May 2008 but decided to return in fall 2015.The lawsuit states that she was permitted to resume her studies but that Baylor would not allow her grade forgiveness for the failed courses during her earlier attendance following the assault, even when provided with the horrific reasons for her personal academic struggles, and even though [Baylor] was fully aware of the circumstances. The lawsuit states shes now suspended, but it did not explain why.The other original plaintiff, Jane Doe 3, said that she and her alleged assailant were both staff members at the university dorms and that he sexually harassed and assaulted her from fall 2013 through December 2015. Although the lawsuit did not name him, it stated he was an assistant to the highest officials in the University.According to the lawsuit, she sought counseling in fall 2014, but after she exhausted her free sessions, the Baylor counseling center told her shed have to look elsewhere for treatment. The lawsuit states that she also reported the alleged assault to the health center and eventually to Baylor police, but it did not state when.Baylor has already reached a financial settlement with a former womens soccer player who was sexually assaulted by former Bears football player Sam Ukwuachu. The woman reached an undisclosed settlement with the school in late December without filing a lawsuit. In August, Ukwuachu was convicted of sexually assaulting the woman and was sentenced to 180 days in jail and 10 years probation, the maximum sentence allowed under Texas law when a jury recommends probation.Attorney John Clune of Boulder, Colorado, who represented the former Baylor womens soccer player in her case against the school, told Outside the Lines last month that he could have as many as three additional victims who might file lawsuits against Baylor. Old Skool Vans Cheap . On Tuesday, Ottawa placed forward Cory Conacher and defenceman Joe Corvo on waivers as trade rumours swirl around the Senators. Cheap Old Skool From China . 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RIO DE JANEIRO -- Just days ahead of the Olympic Games the waterways of Rio de Janeiro are as filthy as ever, contaminated with raw human sewage teeming with dangerous viruses and bacteria, according to a 16-month-long study commissioned by The Associated Press.Not only are some 1,400 athletes at risk of getting violently ill in water competitions, but the APs tests indicate that tourists also face potentially serious health risks on the golden beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana.The APs survey of the aquatic Olympic and Paralympic venues has revealed consistent and dangerously high levels of viruses from the pollution, a major black eye on Rios Olympic project that has set off alarm bells among sailors, rowers and open-water swimmers.In light of the findings, biomedical expert Valerie Harwood had one piece of advice for travelers to Rio: Dont put your head under water.The most contaminated points are the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon, where Olympic rowing will take place, and the Gloria Marina, the starting point for the sailing races.Sampling at the Lagoon in March 2015 revealed an astounding 1.73 billion adenoviruses per liter. By this June, adenovirus readings were lower but still hair-raising at 248 million adenoviruses per liter. By comparison, in California, viral readings in the thousands per liter set off alarm bells.Despite a project aimed at preventing raw sewage from flowing into the Gloria Marina through storm drains, the waters remain just as contaminated. The first sampling there, in March 2015, showed over 26 million adenoviruses per liter. This June, over 37 million adenoviruses per liter were detected.The first results of the AP study published over a year ago showed viral levels at up to 1.7 million times what would be considered worrisome in the United States or Europe. At those concentrations, swimmers and athletes who ingest just three teaspoons of water are almost certain to be infected with viruses that can cause stomach and respiratory illnesses and more rarely heart and brain inflammation -- although whether they actually fall ill depends on a series of factors including the strength of the individuals immune system.Since the AP released the initial results last July, athletes have been taking elaborate precautions to prevent illnesses that could potentially knock them out of the competition, including preventatively taking antibiotics, bleaching oars and donning plastic suits and gloves in a bid to limit contact with the water.But antibiotics combat bacterial infections, not viruses. And the AP investigation found that infectious adenovirus readings -- tested with cell cultures and verified with molecular biology protocols -- turned up at nearly 90 percent of the test sites over 16 months of testing.Thats a very, very, very high percentage, said Dr. Harwood, chair of the Department of Integrative Biology at the University of South Florida. Seeing that level of human pathogenic virus is pretty much unheard of in surface waters in the U.S. You would never, ever see these levels because we treat our waste water. You just would not see this.While athletes take precautions, what about the 300,000-500,000 foreigners expected to descend on Rio for the Olympics? Testing at several of the citys world-famous beaches has shown that in addition to persistently high viral loads, the beaches often have levels of bacterial markers for sewage pollution that would be cause for concern abroad -- and sometimes even exceed Rio states lax water safety standards.Swimmers who ingest water through their mouths and noses therefore risk getting violently ill, Harwood said.Danger is lurking even in the sand. Samples from the beaches at Copacabana and Ipanema revealed high levels of viruses, which recent studies have suggested can pose a health risk -- particularly to babies and small children.Both of them have pretty high levels of infectious adenovirus, said Harwood, adding that the virus could be particularly hazardous to babies and toddlers who play in the sand.You know how quickly an infant can get dehydrated and have to go to the hospital, she added. Thats the scariest point to me.Dr. Fernando Spilki, the virologist and coordinator of the molecular microbiology laboratory at Feevale University in southern Brazil whom AP commissioned to conduct the water tests, says the survey revealed no appreciable improvement in Rios blighted waters -- despite cleanup promises stretching back decades.Unfortunately, what weve seen throughout all this time is that there is a variation in the levels of contamination, but it fluctuates much more as a result of climactic conditions than due to any measures that may have been taken to try to remove this contamination, said Spilki, one of Brazils most respected virologists.While local authorities including Rio Mayor Eduardo Paes have acknowledged the failure of the citys water cleanup efforts, calling it a lost chance and a shame, Olympic officials continue to insist Rios waterways will be safe for athletes and visitors.We would never, ever risk the health or the condition of any athlete for a competition, said Mario Andrada, chief spokesman for the local Olympic organizing committee. So the health of the athletes is our first priority. And the athletes dont run a risk sailing in Guanabara Bay.Though Rio is not testing for viruses, he acknowledged this may be science of the future.We do believe that virus testing can be the future for protecting urban water like Guanabara Bay.The committee has previously said that bacterial testing conducted by state authorities has shown the aquatic venues to be within state guidelines.The crux of the issue lies in the different types of testing used to determine the health and safety of recreational waters.Bacterial tests measure levels of coliforms -- different types of bacteria that tend not to cause illnesses themselves but are indicators of the presence of other, potentially harmful sewage-borne pathogens such as other bacteria, viruses and protozoa that can cause cholera, dysentery, hepatitis A and typhoid, among other diseases. Bacterial tests are the worldwide standard because theyre cheap and easy.But theres a growing consensus that theyre not ideal for all climates, as bacteria break down quickly in tropical weather and salty marine waters. In contrast, viruses have been shown to survive for weeks, months or even years -- meaning that in tropical Rio low bacterial markers can be completely out of step with high virus levels.That disparity was borne out in the APs testing. For instance, in June 2016, the levels of fecal coliforms in water samples from Copacabana and Ipanema Beaches were extremely low, with just 31 and 85 fecal coliforms per 100 milliliters, respectively.dddddddddddd But still, both had alarming readings for rotavirus, the main cause of gastroenteritis globally, with 7.22 million rotaviruses per liter detected in the waters of Copacabana, while 32.7 million rotaviruses per liter were found in the waters of Ipanema Beach.The testing also revealed alarming spikes in fecal coliform levels -- the very measure the state government uses to determine the safety of Rios recreational waters.If these were the reported values in the United States, lets say in California, there is definitely an indication of a problem, said Dr. Kristina Mena, a waterborne virus expert at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston.According to Californias bacterial tests standards, 400 fecal coliforms per 100 milliliters is the upper limit for a beach to be considered safe for swimming. APs tests revealed that Copacabana Beach, where the marathon and triathlon swimming are to be held and thousands of tourists are likely to take a dip, exceeded Californias limit five times over 13 months of testing.Nearby Ipanema Beach, which is not playing host to any Olympic sports but is among the citys most popular tourist spots, exceeded California standards five times over 12 months, once spiking to nearly 50 times what would be permitted in California. One of two testing spots along the beach in the Olympic hub neighborhood of Barra da Tijuca once hit more than 60 times that limit over the five months testing was conducted there.If we had exceedances that consistently were in the thousands like Im seeing here, there would be a high likelihood that that beach would be put on our list of impaired water bodies, said Rik Rasmussen, manager of surface water quality standards at Californias State Water Board. That would lead to water quality warnings posted on the beach, possible beach closure, and the development of a program to root out the source of the contamination, he said.The beaches even violate Rio states own standards, which are much less stringent than those in California, many other U.S. states and beach-loving countries such as Australia and New Zealand. In Rio, beaches are considered unfit if bacterial tests turn up more than 2,500 fecal coliforms per 100 milliliters -- more than six times higher than the upper limit in California. But Copacabana and Ipanema even violated those much higher limits on three separate occasions. The state environmental agency, INEA, did not respond to repeated requests for comment.Rasmussen acknowledged that the higher thresholds might make sense in Rio, where sewage pollution has been a perennial problem, meaning that locals are regularly exposed to the pathogens lurking in raw waste from an early age and therefore build up immunities. But visitors are unlikely to have such immunities, putting them at risk for illnesses.After the APs initial report on the findings of the study in July of last year, the Olympics adviser on health matters, the World Health Organization, said it would carry out its own viral testing in Rios Olympic waterways. The agency later flip-flopped, finally concluding that bacterial tests alone would suffice.Athletes who have trained years for a chance at Olympic glory have resigned themselves to competing in the filth.Theres been a lot of talk about how dirty the water is and all the viruses, said Finnish team sailor Noora Ruskola. Im mentally prepared for this. Some days the water is totally OK, and some days there are bad days.However, tourists are unlikely to realize the dangers: Water quality warning signs used to dot showcase beaches, but theyre no longer there. Now, a brief item on the weather page of the local paper lists which beaches the state environmental agency has deemed safe for swimming.Most beach-going visitors are likely in the same situation as Raul Onetto, a 52-year-old bank executive from Uruguay recently soaking up the sun on Copacabana Beach.When asked whether he knew that the bacterial levels sometimes exceeded the norms in other countries and could indicate problems, he expressed disbelief.The water looks beautiful. I didnt know it was dirty, said Onetto. If its dirty, the public should know it. I came 2,000 kilometers to be on a beach.In Rio, the main tourist gateway to the country, a centuries-long sewage problem that was part of Brazils colonial legacy has spiked in recent decades in tandem with the rural exodus that saw the metropolitan area nearly double in size since 1970.Even in the citys wealthy areas, sewage treatment has lagged dramatically behind, with so-called black tongues of fetid, sewage-filled water common even on the tony Ipanema and Leblon Beaches. The lagoons in the fast-growing Barra da Tijuca region have been filled with so much sewage dumped by nearby glass-and-steel residential towers that vast islands of sludge emerge from the filthy waters during low tide. That lagoon system, which hugs the Olympic Park and Athletes Village, regularly sees massive pollution-related fish die-offs and emits an eye-watering sulfuric stench.Promises to clean up Rios waterways stretch back decades, with a succession of governors setting dates for a cleanup and repeatedly pushing them back. In the citys 2009 Olympic bid document, authorities pledged the games would regenerate Rios magnificent waterways. A promised billion-dollar investment in cleanup programs was meant to be among the games most important legacies.Once more, the lofty promises have ended in failure.Just over a month before the games, biologist Mario Moscatelli spent more than two hours flying over Rio in a helicopter, as hes done on a monthly basis for the past 20 years.Viewed from above, Rios sewage problem is as starkly visible as on the spreadsheets of the AP analysis: Rivers are tar-black; the lagoons near the Olympic Park bloom with fluorescent green algae that thrives amid sewage; fishermens wooden boats sink into thick sludge in the Guanabara Bay; surfers paddle amid a giant brown stain that contrasts with the azure of the surrounding waters.Its been decades and I see no improvement, laments Moscatelli, an activist whos the most visible face of the fight to clean up Rios waterways. The Guanabara Bay has been transformed into a latrine ... and unfortunately Rio de Janeiro missed the opportunity, maybe the last big opportunity to clean it up.---Associated Press writers Peter Prengaman, Stephen Wade and Diarlei Rodrigues contributed to this report.----Peter Prengaman on Twitter: twitter.com/peterprengaman China NFL Jerseys Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys NFL Jerseys Cheap Wholesale NFL Jerseys Cheap Basketball Jerseys Online Stitched Hockey Jerseys Wholesale Baseball Jerseys Football Jerseys Outlet College Jerseys For Sale Cheap MLB Jerseys Wholesale Soccer Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys For Sale Wholesale NFL Jerseys ' ' '

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