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A popular Fake Luxury Leather Bag, like a partner and partner, has become a necessity in many women's lives. To buy a good quality leather bag, in addition to the style, the leather and workmanship of the leather bag are equally important.

1. Workmanship: When picking, pay attention to the overall feeling of the bag, whether the appearance is uniform or not, whether the line is solid, whether there is a missing needle at the corner, and whether the band is consistent. The second is whether the package, the zipper and the seam are neat and smooth, and the lining of the bag is connected in place; you can press it by hand to see if there is any sign of opening. In addition, the selection of high-end leather bags has certain professionalism. It is recommended that you buy High Quality Replica Handbags when you go to a big shopping mall with good reputation. Try to choose well-known brands with good quality and carefully maintain your leather bags according to the maintenance rules introduced by the merchants. The leather bag adds to your style.

2. Cortex: At present, the cortex of domestic leather bags is roughly divided into three categories: dermis, regenerated skin and artificial leather.

1) Leather: It is usually the raw skin of cattle, sheep, pigs, and other animals. It is processed into various leather materials. The dermis is generally divided into two types: the top layer skin and the second layer skin. The top layer is directly processed from raw hides such as cows, sheep and pigskin with grain. Full grain skin can distinguish the animal skin from the pore size and density. The second layer of skin is a loose layer of fibrous structure in the original skin, which is processed by chemical spraying or coating with PVC and PU film.

The distinction between the top layer and the second layer is to observe the fiber density of the longitudinal section of the skin. The top layer of skin consists of a dense and thin layer of fibers and a slightly loose layer that is closely attached to it; the second layer of skin has only a loose fibrous tissue layer, and is sprayed with chemical raw materials or polished. After the more popular leather.

2) Artificial leather: Artificial leather is mainly divided into two types: artificial leather (or rubber) and advanced PU. Imitation leather or rubber is a general term for artificial materials such as PVC and PU. It is made of PVC or PU foaming or laminating on various fabrics or non-woven fabrics. It is characterized by a wide variety, good waterproof performance, neat edges, high utilization rate and price. Relatively cheaper than genuine leather. The high-grade PU, the surface texture of the fibrous material of the base material, almost reaches the effect of the dermis, and its Replica Luxury Bags Price is comparable to the price of the domestic top layer leather.

3) Recycled skin: After pulverizing the waste skin and leather waste of the animal, it is prepared by processing chemical raw materials. Its characteristics are that the edges of the skin are relatively neat, the utilization rate is high, and the price is cheap; but the skin is generally thick and the strength is poor. This is the main material for making embossed leather shoes in small products factories.

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