Before the games, he confidently

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Before the games, he confidently told everyone he would win the first two sprints for our class. I don��t believe it. Because in the past, he always said so with us, but he never did. Before the 60-meter run, I said to him: "Remember your promise." "��" The gun rang. He seemed to have rushed out of the arrow of the shackles and lived up to expectations Newport Cigarettes Website. He really got the first place. "How lucky is it? He really kept his promise!" At 100 meters Wholesale Cigarettes, he started a little slower and was overtaken by opponents. I clearly saw his mouth pumping. "Come on, cheer for our class. !�� He speeded up and quickly passed the other players. He got another first. "What? Isn't it bad?" He smiled at us and sat down on the floor Marlboro Lights. ��Once, it may be luck, it may be a fluke. But twice, the concept is completely different! How much he paid for this game in private! If he did not work hard, how could his physical strength be so vulnerable? He really glorified the class and added color to the six (secondary) class!"I said: "Really Cigarettes Online, you can really do this for the class? You don't waste all your energy?" He said to me: "I can't realize what I promised myself. What kind of man is that? It's better to be a weak man safely! There are countless promises in life, and every promise requires us to use all our efforts to achieve it. Otherwise, don��t think that others believe you, and don��t think that others will help you sincerely!�� His remarks made I know thoroughly: He really changed!He changed from a tender young boy to a mature man; he changed his character from the unruly child to the strong character that can stand up to earth; he changed Cigarettes For Sale, and he changed from a boy who did not keep promise. Become a gentleman.

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