Both books tell me that people who don

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Both books tell me that people who don��t listen to others�� opinions must not have a good end. However, Don Quixote is "not listening to people and losing money before the eyes." Robinson is "there must be no blessing after death." Probably like me, many people dreamed of doing Robinson, but in the end, they discovered that they had become Don Quixote. Therefore Carton Of Marlboro Reds, I also understand that: ��Think twice before doing something��.Every time I read a book, I have no small gains. The more I read, the more I gain. After reading The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, I learned that the people of the feudal society opposed the tyranny of war Cheap Cigarettes, supported the idea of ??the benevolent monarch, understood the interpersonal relationships that the distressed people supported and met by "righteousness," and after reading The Water Margin, I learned about the feudalism. The ruler��s cruelty and one-handedness concealed the reason why the officials forced the people to oppose it. After reading ��Dream of the Red Chamber��, I learned the life conditions of the aristocratic family of Zhong Mingding��s noble family Cigarettes Cheaper, and understood the reasons for the demise of the feudal society Carton Of Newports. After reading "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer", I learned about the nature of children Newport 100S. After reading "The Classroom that can fly," I understood the preciousness of friendship...Without reading, there is no present me. The book is my benefactor. I grew up in reading and I was grateful for my growth.

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