I am going to graduate soon

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I am going to graduate soon. I am going to leave my alma mater who raised me for six years Marlboro Gold. I have a lot of sadness in my heart Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes. This alma mater, who has been raising me for many years, can be said to be my other family. It is also a "big family" full of laughter and full of knowledge. I have had countless countless things in this "big family" and have fun. There are sad, embarrassing, and funny things. In short, these things are in every corner of the school.When I first came to this school, I was afraid of the strange environment here. It was the teacher��s gentle tone and kind expression that calmed my nervous heart. With the help of the teacher, I was new. The campus has made a lot of children, and with these friends, I will not feel lonely and lonely on the new campus.I am going to another school right away, I will say goodbye to my alma mater, I will make new good friends in the new school, I will learn more new knowledge, and at the same time I will use Tears say goodbye to me like "candles", like "gardeners", teachers like "Spring Silkworm", I will say goodbye to my friends who grew up with me Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online, I will say goodbye to me in the same room with tears. I have been studying for six years.I will never forget the corner of my alma mater. I can't forget the laughter of my classmates on the playground. I can't forget the sound of reading in the classroom. I can't forget the noise of the classmates in the class hall Cigarettes Online. I can't forget. When I was taking a nap in the summer, my classmates had a sleeping face. I couldn��t forget the students�� desire for extracurricular books and the focused eyes when I was in the book garden Marlboro Lights. I couldn��t forget the kind eyes of the teacher when my classmates were uncomfortable. can't forget too many things, and I don't want to forget too many things. I want to hide these things in my heart and regard it as a good memory. Sometimes these memories can be comforting.

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