A pair of eyebrows that are not suitable

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A pair of eyebrows that are not suitable at all. The thief's eyes have a "warping" nose, a bitter gourd-like face, and a small mouth that can't rest all day. He is the bad boy of our class - Li Junxi. He was awarded the "Guinness Destruction King Award" and the "Nobel Tricks Award" Cigarettes Cheaper... and countless numremember once, when I was in school in the morning Cigarettes For Sale, I accidentally met Li Junxi. Li Junxi was watching me "not pleasing to the eye". His hands were on his back, his head was squinting, and he was bowing his waist. As if he was carefully looking at the uninvited guest, Li Junxi said: Old woman, you dare to block the way of my heroes, sample, let go! Hey!" After finishing Li Junhao like a grandfather, quickly came to me. I think: You are Li Daxia or Uncle Li! I didn��t want to show my face for the sake of face. I immediately rushed to the front and wanted to push Li Junxi away. Li Junxi��s ��spiritual action�� jumped away, which made me have a close hug with Mother Earth. Li Junyi stood by and watched. With my stupidity, I said, "Let's be alive! Deserve it! Who told you to get me! This is called retribution!" After that Parliament Cigarettes, he swayed awwould have been uncomfortable with his legs and feet, and he would have to run through the stairs. He would not feel relieved if he did not fall a few't look at what he wants in his class, but when he meets Dai Meiling Carton Of Newports, he becomes "soft tofu." I remember that once, Li Junxi may be "skinned" and wanted to find a "meat boxing" to be a "massage" Carton Of Cigarettes. He was quietly approaching Dai Meiling, and he was too quick to steal the pen from Dai Meiling. On behalf of Mei Ling, the teeth and claws, Li Junyi called a poor pursuit, easily seized Li Junxi, Li Junyi said timidly: "I surrender! I surrender!" Can Dai Meiling not to say, give this "overlord" A passionate "drilling" came. Poor!

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