veryone has a "customary tree"

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veryone has a "customary tree" for everyone. The tree is full of many fruits, some are good habits that benefit people for a lifetime, and some are bad habits that will delay people for a lifetime. There are two brightest fruits on my "custom tree", which are two good habits that have been developed from childh students, at home, are adoring the grandparents of grandparents, always picky eaters. In terms of life, I have a good habit: I am not picky eaters. From small to large, I have always been doing what I eat. I like to eat a variety of vegetables. I never have a partial eclipse, so I have a height of 1.52 meters and a healthy body. Therefore, this is also the place where my mother is the most proud of me. When I see other children not eating or eating because of picky eaters, my mother always can't help but praise me: "Look at my family, Lili, eat, eat. Never picky eaters." Mom's words made me listen to my heart sweet, other mothers heard I do not know how envioespeare said: "Books are the nutrition of the world." In learning, I also have a good habit: love to read. Everyone says: read more books and read good books. When I was a child, I would wrap my mom and dad every day or tell me stories, every time I listened to it. When I entered the door of the elementary school and got to know more words, I began to read some story books with phonetic notes. In the years that followed, I began to slowly touch some popular science books, as well as some inspirational novels that my mother chose for me Newport Cigarettes Website, and teenage novels. For example, the young novel "Harry Potter" series, the most inspirational novel on campus, "I can be so good", "Mom is not my servant", "Be a promising girl" and so on. I like it very much. Every time I go to sleep Parliament Cigarettes, I always take out one and take aits become natural, yes, good habits are good for us to grow, and even to achieve a career, we should develop good habits and study habits from an early age, which is a matter of course. have dreamed of being a scientist who can make a rain, a geographer astronomer, and apetite and strong grass, a dandelion flying like a small umbrella, a fearless cold, a proud and strong plum, a passionate willow... Let the world take a look The plants of the motherland areant panda, a beautifully-moving swan, a windy Tibetan antelope, a yak known as the plZedong, the great leader of the Communist Party of China, Zhou Enlai, the approachable prime minister, and Deng Xiaoping, the caring people. Let the world take a look, the ley observe the surrounding things, practice hard, study hard, and humbly ask others to study and ople struggle for it for life; dreams are a kind of hope Carton Of Cigarettes, and countless people succeed because of it; dreams are the most splendid flowers in the heart of everyone, and it can bloom the most beautiful miracle in the world Marlboro Cigarettes. The Chinese dream is the cry of thousands of Chinese people from the heart and is the crystallization of the Chinese people'she mountains and rivers of the motherland Carton Of Newports, shining in my pen, letting the culture of the motherland pass.

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