What is the most precious thing in life

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What is the most precious thing in life? Ostrovsky once said: "The most precious thing for people is life. Life is only once for evermall grass, its life, is to put on green clothes, decorate the earth, the wind can not blow it, the rain can not beat it, even a small grass must survive so stubbornly, we have any reason to choose to leave Going home or even committing suicide? In real life, some students choose to run away from home or commit suicide because of the pressure of their parents. I think this is the most stupid choice. To live well, it is the greatest wealth in a person's life. Living is also the greatest happiness. When some children with incurable diseases Marlboro Lights, their greatest wish is to survive, study hard, and grow up to contribute to the motherland, but fate did not care for them and seized their young lives. God has given us a healthy body, a healthy limb and a happy family. What reason do we have to study hard and not cherish life? Just because of a little pressure and a little setback, I chose to commit suicide. How sad it is, how worthless it is! Compared with the little life in the list I mentioned above Marlboro Gold, how small they look! Here, I appeal: Life is only once, cherish i are many shocking stories in the Wenchuan earthquake. One of the little girls made me very impressed. When the rescuers pulled her up from the ruins, she had been buried for 7 days and 5 hours. This number is very shocking. What is the reason for her to survive so strong? When asked about her, she proudly said: "I must live, live better than anything, I have to study hard, and when I grow up, give my wisdom to the motherland!" This is just a 7-year-old girl. It��s really touching and convincing to say such shocking words. The flower of our life has just begun to bloom. If it is erased by wrong thoughts, the meaning of life loses its original meaning, not for what, but for our colorfization, the word "civilization" has been "popular globally". It is a measure of a country's standards, an indicator of the quality of the people, and a principle for each of us to do things. As long as you pay close attention, you will find that civilization iste, but the kite is hung on the branch, only to step on the chair in the park, he took out a white paper pad in order not to dirty the chair On the top, then stood on the white paper and took off the kite. This advertisement deeply touched me. From this I realized that "civilization, sometimes the thickness of a piece of paper." I went to friends to enjoy watching movies Cigarette Online. I was sitting next to a young sister. She was eating a melon while watching a movie, but there was no debris on the ground around her. Why? It turned out that she hung a plastic bag on the armrest of her chair. She threw the finished melon seeds into a plastic bag Newport Cigarettes Price. It looked like a little effort! From this I realized that "civilizatiothe parks, on the streets, including at home and in schools Cigarette Tobacco For Sale, there are civilizations everywhere, but we often overlook these seemingly tiny things. But civilization is by our side, just testing you and my care and patience. A piece of shredded paper, are you picking up? A disabled person, do you respect him? A smile, are you retracing? Hello, are you saying it? From these tiny things, I realized that "civilization is sometimes a love and persmily. A family civilization is the pride of this city. A city's civilization is the pride of society. Each of us will fight for more civilization. China will have more than 1.3 billion civilizations, which will make society a big step.

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