There is a person, she is wearing

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There is a person, she is wearing a black and slender ponytail, a beautiful melon face, two big eyes watery, sparkling, just like the grapes just picked, smiles very nice, eyes bent into crescent The laughter is very hea quiet and elegant girl. The biggest feature is that I love reading books. I have forgotten my time and forgot to eat. "Dream of Red Mansions", "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms", "When 100 Millions Why"... They are my spiritual food Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping, so my knowledge is particularly large. But I also made a joke because of reading.in the third grade. My mother asked me to go to the downstairs canteen to buy a bottle of soy sauce. I promised. I took advantage of the money, and I grabbed a copy of "Laughing Cat Diary" before going out Newport Cigarettes Price, and while walking, I looked at it with gusto. I stumbled to the commissary. The boss asked me what I wanted to buy. I just saw the word "shoe polish" from the book, and I casually said: "Buy bottle of shoe polish Wholesale Cigarettes." With the shoe polish, I slowly walked upstairs. The joys and sorrows in the story brought a wonderful realm. When I saw a beautiful kitten, in order to help a deaf-mute old man sell newspapers, he spent a few days and nights, and kept practicing speaking and talking Carton Of Newports. The blind man said dumb, I was moved by her behavior. I was filled with noodles; when I saw that the old man helped the old man to sell a lot of newspapers and successfully learned to speak people, I felt extremely proud of her; when I saw... with the clock, the time was unknowingly The passage ofong, soy sauce?" I handed the bottle of shoe polish to my mother. "What happened, I asked you to buy soy sauce, but you bought shoe polish!" Mom was anxious and angry, knocking on my head. I suddenly came out of fantasy, looked at the mother who was mad at me, and looked at the bottle of shoe polish: "Yeah, I may be too fascinated to read a book, I bought the soy sauce as a shoe polish." I realized my mistake. Can not help but bowed his head. "You are a little fan of books, it really makes me angry and funny!" Mom laughed anda veritable name? However, you can't walk while reading a book in the future Cigarettes Online, otherwise don't say it is a joke, it may also cause a tragedy. Are you willing to make friends with me?

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