What's the Big Idea? In Architecture, It's the Parti Pris

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An builder will typically tell you up front what the parti is for the design.Abstract Painting If not, make sure you ask. It's one way of ensuring you and your architect are on the same page as you work together to create the home of your dreams.

The parti pris, or big idea, could be about the house becoming transparent and framework views. A horizontally made up linear band draws the eye inward in this one, while a vertical totem arrests that movement. The particular

architectural idea is to control sight lines and highlight the spectacular view.
Perhaps the big idea is to have the house "disappear" from the entry side (this photo),Abstract Art seemingly hiding in a park-like setting so that it can become a celebration of light and openness from the water's-edge aspect (previous photo).
Probably the big idea is to resurrect an old firehouse, breathing new life and an alternative use into the construction. A desire to keep remnants of the original use would certainly meet the criteria as a departure point for the overall

Probably the big idea is to produce a set of small houses,Large Abstract Painting each with the own function yet grouped together to form a family village. Such a parti yields a very different home than one in which all of the functions are collected under one

Possibly the big idea is to respect part of the context while striving to achieve something altogether modern. While the form here is of the traditional gabled roof house as a child would draw it, the overall effect is one of modernity.
Maybe the big idea is in how the floor plan is composed. Therefore an L-shaped plan that creates distinct public and private legs that open to the same patio provides the departure point for the design.

Inform us: What big idea would you wish to work with for your own house?

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