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Good reading is undoubtedly good at reading. This reminds me of Yoan Aiken Marlboro Gold, the author of "Going Through the World" as a companion. If you want to travel around the world, what would you choose to be your partner? Accordion, music box... and the author did not hesitate to choose a book. When I saw the author's choice Newport Cigarettes, I was very puzzled. It is hard to see this book many times:? How is he going to read this? I read the text with questions. The author, like me, has problems reading this book. Mother often said: "One hundred people have a living method of one hundred people", although the words are thick but not rough. What is the most lacking in the 21st century? Creative! In fact, there are many readings in reading a book. It is not necessary to be uniform. People who are good at reading and ordinary readers read a essay at the same time, but the results are completely different. People who are good at reading absorb more than ordinary readers. A strong man tried his best to pull a door but the door did not open. A thin person pushed gently and the door opened. Because the door is pushed to open. This thin person is not a shortcut but a road to wisdom. And the strong man's head was not right, and he still didn't open the door. I read a text and I got a reading method. Whenever you finish reading a book, why don't you ask yourself what you have gained? This is the practice of the wise Wholesale Cigarettes. Reading a book, you think you know a lot, then you are wrong, if you read ang a good book is actually a good teacher and friend. The book taught me to do things for others; the book opened the door to exploration; the book made me understand many of the philosophy of life. For us, the book is a friend and a teacher. Once, I broke the glass of my neighbor's house, and I ran timidly and loved my face. In those few days, I was watching "How Steel is Made", when Dad said to Paul: "You are a coward." Paul said, "Why do you say that I am a coward?" Dad said because of you. irresponsible. I can't help but reflect on myself: Where is my responsibility? Then I am not a coward? So, I rushed to the neighbor's house... What made me so embarrassed and timid, I dare to admit mistakes? It gives me strength in the book. But the book is not all good books. Many people have not yet emerged from the shadow of superstition. How many people die in the books of the victims. Constantly appearing in the world a variety of cults, how many people go astray. There are many publishers publishing bad and pirated book comics. This illegal reading is harmful to others. There are also violent books that have caused many young friends to rebel and participate in activities such as fighting and fighting. Many students who have not yet completed nine years of compulsory education have abandoned their studies. Therefore, reading must learn to ju have been no tigers in China, and there is no saying that the upper beam is not right Marlboro Cigarettes. In what environment, in what people, what hobbies? Will affect a person's life. Mencius��s mother moved several times in order to give Mencius a good environment for growth Marlboro Menthol 100S. Perhaps, each of us should grow up under the scent of the book. Under the influence of Paul. I am motivated to be a man who dares to be a dare. Under the influence of Li Bai, I am motivated to write a better poem than him. It is reading that shapes a soul that has dreams and loves to read.

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