another loss to the Tennessee Titans.

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Another year Womens T.J. Yeldon Jersey , another loss to the Tennessee Titans. Another home game loss to the Tennessee Titans.Here I was, brimming with confidence. Arrogantly predicting a blowout. Believing this team turned the cornser. I owe some people an apology. Dear Titans, I apologize for thinking the Jaguars of last week were the Jaguars of forever. I apologize for believing good Bortles was real Bortles. I apologize for thinking the Jaguars injured offensive line was good enough for the task. I apologize for predicting a 31-3 Jaguars victory. I apologize for tweeting Mariota could not beat us through the air. I apologize for thinking the Jaguars coaches had solved the riddle. I apologize for the belief you now have that your offensive line will get away with obvious holding calls on a weekly basis. I apologize that the Jaguars defense, and defensive coaches Womens Yannick Ngakoue Jersey , apparently don’t know the obvious running situations for Mariota. I apologize for not making your defensive backs work harder for their paychecks.I apologize for any Jaguars fan that doesn’t know how to lose with grace. I apologize for how angry we are going to be when we face you in Nashville.I apologize for having better uniforms. I apologize for blaming the officals a little while ago. I apologize for that uniform comment. I apologize for lying when I apologized for that uniform comment. I apologize for not letting 1999 go. I apologize that this rivalry doesn’t mean as much to you. I apologize for forgetting we’ve been close to .500 against you for a good number of years. I apologize for not letting Mariota rest more in the second half. I apologize for all the penalties. I know how much you want to earn a win. I apologize that neither one of us really has a franchise quarterback. I apologize for giving you a false sense of confidence. I apologize for that last comment. I apologize that I’ve never visited Nashville. I apologize for Mike Bianchi. We don’t like him either. I apologize for how bad we are going to beat you in Nashville. Didn't I already apologize for being over confident?Jaguars offense could find familiar success against Chiefs defense The match up that most people are not even mentioning heading into Sunday’s game between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Kansas City Chiefs is the Jacksonville offense against the Chiefs defense. More specifically, the Jaguars passing offense against the Chiefs linebackers and safeties. The Jaguars offensive game plan should look pretty familiar as the previous couple of weeks.The Jaguars should be targeting and exploiting the middle of the field of the Chiefs defense with wide receiver Dede Westbrook.In Weeks 2 and 4 the Jaguars faced two defenses that had speed issues in the middle of the field (MOF). While the Jets have a good safety in Jamaal Adams, the rest of their MOF defenders have speed issues and often struggled in coverage when the Jaguars, more specifically Westbrook Cheap Cam Robinson Jersey , attacked them with crossing patterns. Here is the success Westbrook had against both the New England Patriots and New York Jets over the middle.The Denver Broncos offense on Monday Night Football had some success against the Chiefs attacking the middle of the field, but their offense isn’t as geared towards it as the Jaguars offense is and has been through the first four weeks of the 2018 NFL season. You can also look back to the Week 2 shootout against the Pittsburgh Steelers and what they did with Antonio Brown and JuJu Smith-Schuster to attack the middle of the field. Here is what Smith-Shuster did to the Chiefs in Week 2. Look familiar?It would also be a nice week to get running back Corey Grant involved in the passing game again, running more 2-running back sets with TJ Yeldon. Getting Grant in space against a defense like the Chiefs, that lacks speed and isn’t great tackling could lead to some explosive plays in space like he had against the Patriots Week 2.The Kansas City Chiefs offense is the best in the NFL and Patrick Mahomes can kill you down the field from just about any arm angle or throwing platform Cheap Myles Jack Jersey , so it’s going to be tough to slow them down. That matchup is the one every one focuses on, but the real determining factor in the Jaguars success on Sunday will be if the Jaguars offense can continue to exploit the Chiefs in the middle of the field and either keep pace or keep the Chiefs offense off the field.

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